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We put your comfort at the top of the list, never leaving you waiting, never leaving you without a resolution. Most problems can be solved with a simple repair, but when a new system is needed MCE Plus will recommend the right one for your home and install it in only a few hours! We’ll put our experience to work for you, tackling each job with a deep knowledge and up-to-date training in HVAC systems!

We get that you want to know what stuff costs and sometimes want to avoid speaking with a salesman. For this reason we want to show you our fair pricing up front!

Please understand, this pricing is for a STANDARD INSTALLATION (No widening your attic opening, digging a path in your crawl space,  or modifying things to fit the new equipment, etc...) Any details can be addressed by our talented staff. Pricing reflects 14 SEER units. Please contact us for other options and pricing.


UP to 3 TON drive:  $1495.00

UP to 4 TON drive:  $1995.00

UP to 5 TON drive:  $2495.00

All prices are for STANDARD installation only!

For pricing on higher AFUE % please contact office or email.